Board of Presiding Members

The Board of Presiding Members

The Board of Presiding Members (Board) is made up of:

  •  Parents are elected every three years by the parents of our students.
  • Members who are appointed by the Proprietor to ensure the Catholic Character is preserved and maintained.
  • the Principal
  • a Staff Representative

This group meets once a month in the evening to discuss and make decisions about the school. Meetings are open to all parents.

Parent Reps: Henio Koloi, Kate Wright, Mark Fairfield, Genevieve Hanify, Helen Mollo

Proprietor’s Appointees: Helen Kneebone (Presiding Member), Tane Wilson, Vaka Lemisio

Principal: Liz Heatley 

Staff Representative: Onieka Tristram


All documentation for board meetings that is available to the public may be viewed at the school office at least two days prior to the meeting.

Meeting Dates 2021:  24 February, 31 March, 26 May, 30 June, 25 August, 29 September, 27 October, 24 November

Meeting Minutes: Confirmed Board Minutes – September 29 2021