School Board

School Board

The School Board is made up of:

  • Parents are elected every three years by the parents of our students.
  • Members who are appointed by the Proprietor to ensure the Catholic Character is preserved and maintained.
  • the Principal
  • a Staff Representative

This group meets once a month in the evening to discuss and make decisions about the school. Meetings are open to all parents.

Parent Reps: Kate Wright (Presiding Member), Mark Fairfield, Genevieve Hanify, Helen Mollo

Proprietor’s Appointees: Helen Kneebone, Tane Wilson, Vaka Lemisio

Principal: Liz Heatley 

Staff Representative: Onieka Tristram

All documentation for board meetings that is available to the public may be viewed at the school office at least two days prior to the meeting.

Meeting Dates:

  • 24 February,
  • 31 March,
  • 26 May,
  • 30 June,
  • 25 August,
  • 29 September,
  • 27 October,
  • 24 November

Meeting Minutes: